Disposable medical devices for rectoscopies

The Sapi Med line of rectoscopes is built on a series of separate components, packaged in different solutions to meet the different needs of each specialist. The Sapi Med Rectoscopes consist of:

  • transparent centimetrated tube available in three standard models, characterised by their different diameter and length, with an opaque green variation, available only for 25 cm tubes;
  • Multi Light handle for use with different types of lighting, from fibre optic cable to built-in LED lighting, to allow high-performance interventions, with particular attention to ensuring precision, handling and practicality for the specialist;
  • disposable air insufflator also available in sterile packaging.

Two accessories can be added to these components: the Pen LED Light illuminators, which guarantee high quality constant lighting for two hours of continuous use and a multi-use double-ball air insufflator. All handles of the Sapi Med Rectoscopes (excluding MPR and MPR Short) are compatible with the Sapitech Rectocam image acquisition and storage systems, which allow the inspection of the rectum and anal channel through high-performance video technologies.


All components are available in the Sapi Med catalogue separately, in dedicated packages or in kits:

  • Rectoscopes: a line of rectoscopes in kits consisting of a different number of disposable tubes and multi-use Multi Light handles with magnifying glass
  • Rectoscopes with air insufflator: line of rectoscopes, each complete with a Multi Light handle equipped with magnifying glass and disposable air insufflator.
  • LED Rectoscopes with air insufflator: line of rectoscopes, each complete with Multi Light handle with magnifying glass, built-in LED lighting and disposable air insufflator.
  • Reusable LED Lighting rectoscopes: a line of rectoscopes available in kits differentiated by the number of components inside.



They are microscopes that are characterised by their particular use in diagnostics or by a high level of operation.

  • MPR and MPR Short: multi-purpose rectoscopes designed for controlled rectum exploration and to be an optimal support for more in-depth diagnostic tests requiring the use of dedicated instruments such as the use of particular ultrasound probes. A weakened membrane placed on the lens of the handle offers the doctor the opportunity to deepen the inspection by introducing (without air leaks) instruments suitable for the sampling while keeping the walls of the rectum stretched. MPR and MPR Short are also available in LED lighting, with disposable insufflator and in sterile packaging. The Multi Light handles of the MPR rectoscopes are not compatible with the Multi Light handles of other Sapi Med lines of Rectoscopes.
  • Proctosigmoidoscope: a rectoscope characterised by a longer length and an angled distal section for a first visualization of the rectosigmoid junction. Can be used in conjunction with traditional Multi Light handles.



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