Self-illuminating disposable anoscopes

Sapi Med boasts a wide range of disposable anoscopes for the diagnosis and treatment of anorectal diseases. The self-illuminating anoscopes made by Sapi Med are CE-marked diagnostic and operating devices, designed to ensure maximum practicality for healthcare professionals and, thanks to their atraumatic profile which allows a greater ease of introduction, the best possible comfort for the patient.

The characteristic that makes this range of anoscopes exclusive is the Multi Light handle that allows to host a wide variety of light sources: from the LED pen to the cold light generator, giving the specialist the option to choose the most suitable for performing anoscopies and different types of treatment in the operating room, as well as in the clinic, in the ward or at home.


The Sapi Med range disposable anoscopes are available in different lengths and diameters to facilitate access to the anal canal, and in sterile or non-sterile version, according to the specialist’s needs:

  • Self Light Anoscopes: each package includes a different number of pieces depending on the intended use (operative or diagnostic/paediatric) and an autonomous light source that allows to perform anoscopies and different types of therapeutic interventions with an optimal view of the operating field.
  • Self LED Light Anoscopes: each anoscope in the Self LED Light category includes a built-in non-rechargeable LED illuminator. Maximum light intensity is guaranteed for up to two hours of continuous use.
  • Self LED Light Anoscopes with reusable LED: each pack includes a kit of 25 anoscopes and five reusable Pen LED Lights.

All Sapi Med anoscopes are also compatible by connecting them to Sapitech Rectocam image acquisition systems and to many of the most common video systems already present in hospitals.


Sapi Med boasts a series of Self Light anoscopes recognised as disposable aids that are ideal for carrying out diagnoses aimed at performing various therapeutic acts. Easy handling, versatility, high quality materials and safety, the Sapi Med devices constitute a valuable answer to the various diagnostic and operational requirements. All the Sapi Med self-illuminating anoscopes are made of transparent plastic material and individually packaged in a cleanroom with filtered air to guarantee maximum hygiene, practicality of use and conformity of the products with European standards.



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