Sapi Med was born in 1981 from the desire to contribute to a substantial change in the world of Italian proctology. Indeed, until the ‘80s, the medical sector had given little emphasis to proctology, considering it a minor branch of surgery and a matter not worthy of the interest that was reserved for the study of other organs.

Sapi Med entered the proctological world with the medical device ‘’Dilatan’’, a highly innovative device that uses the dilatation technique for the control and treatment of common anorectal diseases such as fissures, haemorrhoids and proctalgias.

The company portfolio now offers over 100 disposable medical products designed to meet the operational needs of the proctologist and that fully respect the needs of the patient. The ongoing search for innovative and avant-garde solutions, together with the development of a vast network of highly qualified medical proctologists, have allowed Sapi Med to become a leader in the sector, greatly expanding its market not only on the whole national territory, but also in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our primary business objective is to enhance a non-traumatic approach to coloproctological pathologies through the realisation of disposable solutions that are minimally invasive, to guarantee the highest quality standards and adhere to all the regulations of the sector.

Our story




All the Sapi Med devices originate from listening, interaction and close collaboration with specialists in the field: proctologists, heads of clinics and medical professionals, with the aim of improving the functionality of our diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Paying attention to medical needs is in fact essential to develop tools that meet such needs, providing a concrete response to all those who practice coloproctology.


The research phase is fundamental to a company since it becomes a useful element in ensuring its success on the global market. Sapi Med is totally committed to the study and research of the most advanced materials. In order to produce highly performant devices, it has over the years started numerous forms of collaboration with the best research structures present in Italy, among which the University of Padua and the “Cultural Centre for Plastics Engineering’’ of the Polytechnic University of Turin.


Sapi Med innovation translates into a diverse and specific range of medical devices dedicated to coloproctology in the therapeutic and surgical fields. Their reliability, ease of use and high-quality standards enable them to meet the needs of patients who require home therapeutic care and of doctors who need the optimisation of specialised performance. Many Sapi Med devices are covered by patents, demonstrating the constant investments in innovation and research.


Sapi Med has always been synonymous with quality and excellence, which is why its products are recognised and appreciated all over the world. Generating benefits not only for proctologists, but also, and above all, for their patients is the main goal of our company in continuous development. Devices are CE marked as they meet the essential safety and efficacy requirements for the market and the use in the European Union. In addition, some products are also FDA approved.
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