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The range of light generators compatible with Sapi Med anoscopes and rectoscopes

The range of Sapi Med light generators consists of a wide choice of models to suit all the needs of the proctologist or specialist. Halogen or LED, fibre optic or direct lighting, transportable, rechargeable or even pocket-sized: each light generator is designed to ensure optimal performance in both diagnostic and surgical or endoscopic procedures. Light sources manufactured by Sapi Med are compatible with disposable medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of anorectal diseases such as hospital line microscopes and rectoscopes.


Light and portable latest-generation source of light using the innovative LED technology. Its new system allows to adjust the intensity of the light beam through six intensities. The light transmission is carried out by means of fibre optic cable, also available in the version with a silicone sheath that can be sterilised in an autoclave. Ecolitis is compatible with the entire range of Sapi Med anoscopes and rectoscopes.

GLF 100

GLF 100 is the cold light generator compatible with the full range of Sapi Med anoscopes and rectoscopes. A potentiometer is located on the front of the generator, which adjusts the intensity of the light beam according to the requirements of the specialist. The fibre optic cable is also available in the autoclavable silicone version.


LED pen that finds its use in all the anoscopes and microscopes available in the Sapi Med product portfolio. The two lithium batteries that power the LED provide maximum light intensity for two hours of continuous use, while the tab on the base allows the device to be turned on and off. The Pen LED Lights comply with all regulations regarding the disposal of waste such as batteries, cells and accumulators (art. 9 Legislative Decree no. 188 dated November 20, 2008 and subsequent amendments).


Portable and rechargeable LED light generator. Can be used with all Sapi Med anoscopes and rectoscopes. The kit consists of a handpiece with led connected to a rechargeable battery via an on/off switch cable and its battery charger.


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