Sapi Med offers a wide range of products for the treatment of colorectal and pelvic floor diseases. The company portfolio consists of there are three lines: Home Care Line, Hospital Line and Electromedical.

The first one is dedicated to home therapies for the treatment of pathologies and / or disorders of the pelvic floor and skin. It includes intimate cleansers, creams for fissures and hemorrhoids, a biofeedback, anal and stomal dilators and much more. The Hospital and Electromedical Lines, on the other hand, are intended for healthcare professionals working in the field of proctology. Inside we can find numerous disposable medical devices made to solve all the needs of practitioners and specialists, aimed at improving medical performance and generating benefit for patients.

The lines contain in-depth information and informative material is available for download.



Line for the treatment of pathologies and/or disorders of the pelvic floor and for skin care. A wide range of natural treatments aimed at performing appropriate home medical therapy in the best possible way.


Disposable medical devices dedicated to proctology and pelvic floor care. Ad hoc solutions for proctologists who want to optimise their specialised performance.


A wide range of medical devices designed and manufactured for pelvic floor care. Cameras, light generators, electrostimulators… innovative instruments that are easy to use and have immediate effectiveness.