Auditory biofeedback for home rehabilitation of the posterior perineal muscles

Perineal rehabilitation is one of the conservative techniques aimed at improving the tone and contraction of the perineal muscles. Among the perineal rehabilitation techniques, biofeedback is a particularly useful approach to patient re-education. It is active gymnastics which, through targeted exercises, helps to recognise and correctly contract the muscles of the normally-used pelvic floor and has the objective of reducing the symptoms caused by dysfunctions and disorders of the perineal muscles.

It finds natural application in the fields of coloproctology (for the prevention and recovery of the anorectal functions), urology (for the prevention and/or treatment of urinary incontinence, bladder emptying difficulty and painful emptying), gynaecology (postpartum and postmenopause), sexuality (provides an improvement of pathologies that cause sexual pain). The use of dedicated computers and applications or of specially designed instruments, which transform the muscular activity detected into visual and auditory signals, greatly facilitates the patient’s journey.



Fisianal is a multi-purpose medical device indicated in the post-operative rehabilitation treatment following interventions on the anorectal area to improve sphincter tonicity, that favours healing, significantly reduces post-operative pain and reduces the risk of scar stenosis. Fisianal is also a practical home biofeedback to stimulate the contractile capacity of the anal sphincter muscles.

Fisianal is therefore a valid ally in cases of:

  • post-operative anorectal rehabilitation after haemorrhoidectomy surgery, lateral sphincterotomy and perianal fistula excision;
  • prevention of post-operative stenosis after surgery for haemorrhoids, anal fissures and perianal fistula;
  • hypertonicity or sphincter spasm supported by hemorrhoids, fissures, proctalgia;
  • stenosis of the anal orifice of cicatricial or idiopathic origin;
  • rehabilitation of the pelvic floor;
  • anal hypotone (muscle tonicity increase).



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