Anatomical vaginal probe for contraction training

The health of the pelvic floor is particularly important for the well-being of every woman, regardless of the stage of life she finds herself in. Taking care of this part of your body is essential for many different reasons:

  • in preparation for events which, although natural, can have highly traumatic effects (for example, childbirth);
  • to prevent the onset of dysfunctions, not only related to age, with also strongly disabling consequences (for example incontinence, prolapse, tissue atrophy caused by menopause);
  • to treat symptoms and pathological conditions and their possible consequences related to hypotonia and hypertonia and carry out an adequate rehabilitative therapy.



Among the pelvic floor re-education techniques, contraction training represents one of the most adequate solutions to provide an effective response to disorders of the genitourinary and colon-proctological system. ELLEN is the new Sapi Med vaginal probe for contraction training. It is anatomical, entirely made of PVC, and consists of a balloon catheter characterised by three swellings connected to each other. Depending on needs and indications, it can be expanded with warm air or water.

Thanks to the ELLEN vaginal probe for contraction training, it is possible to overcome highly disabling disorders such as:

  • pain;
  • dryness;
  • prolapse of pelvic organs;
  • urinary, faecal and gas incontinence;
  • vulvovaginal atrophy or scars;
  • pelvic heaviness;
  • anorgasmia and sexual hyposensitivity;
  • dyspareunia.



Targeted and repeated therapeutic exercises enable ELLEN to perform a double action: the reduction of disorders that limit and make it difficult to deal with many moments of daily life; the return of a free and satisfactory intimacy between the woman and her partner. The softness and elasticity of ELLEN make it possible to create personalised therapeutic treatments aimed at obtaining the desired results. The primary purpose of home therapy is to provide a tailored service for the patient, improve their quality of life and ensure that they remain in a family environment.



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