Dilator for pelvic floor

The alteration of the functionality of the perineal muscles includes the onset of painful and potentially disabling anorectal pathologies. Dilagent® is a dilator in soft silicone useful in all the disciplines interested in the rehabilitation and preservation of the pelvic floor, that offers the muscles of the anorectal tract effective and targeted training which favours their functional recovery.



Dilagent® is particularly indicated in the treatment of anorectal diseases sustained by sphincter hypertonia such as fissures, haemorrhoids and painful spasms after surgical treatments. Due to its anatomical shape made of biomedical silicone and the possibility of being gradually inflated, Dilagent® diffuses a pleasant muscle relaxant sensation, without violently impinging upon the surrounding muscle fibres.
The device can also be used to perform active “gymnastics” which favour the recovery of sphincter tone after surgical interventions for the treatment of faecal incontinence.



Dilagent® is a good ally in the presence of disorders of the sexual sphere such as vaginismus (involuntary spasm of the vaginal musculature which hinders penetration) or dyspareunia (painful condition during sexual intercourse, near the vaginal area).
In particular, used in combination with further treatments for the rehabilitation of pelvic muscles (Kegel exercises) and psychological support (for example, psychotherapy and anxiolytic therapy), Dilagent makes it possible to obtain better results. The device can also be used by patients undergoing transgenderism (male to female) in the postoperative period to avoid neovaginal stenosis.



Dilagent® is used in the urological field for rehabilitation purposes in stress urinary incontinence. The pubococcygeus muscle intervenes both in urinary flow regulation and in the control of the delivery routes. However, some factors such as pregnancy, obesity and menopause can reduce their efficiency. Dilagent® is a useful ally to regenerate the tonicity of the muscles: the alternation of contraction and relaxation repeated several times strengthens both the urinary sphincter and the pelvic muscles, thus reducing uncontrolled urinary losses.



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