Cryothermal anal dilators

The Sapi Med Dilatan® Plus anal dilators are dilators in plastic material which contain a cryothermal gel, specially studied and realised to bring benefits in case of different anal pathologic conditions through dilation combined with heat therapy or cold therapy, according to requirements.

Thermotherapy consists in the localised use of moderate heat, so as to obtain a therapeutic and relaxing effect causing vasodilation which in turn will have positive effects on the reactivation of the blood circulation. Cryotherapy consists in the localised use of cold in order to determine an improvement in blood circulation, due to induced vasoconstriction followed by a reflected vasodilation by the body, to facilitate a superficial anaesthetic effect and to contribute to the relaxation and distension of the muscles.

Through the use of the Dilatan® Plus anal dilators it is possible to improve the clinical condition of some disorders of the anal canal:

  • stenosis of the anal orifice of cicatricial or idiopathic origin;
  • sphincter hypertonia or spasm, sustained by haemorrhoids, essential proctalgia, fissures, with possible secondary constipation;
  • prevention of postoperative stenosis after surgery for haemorrhoids and fistula.

The Dilatan® Plus are made in five sizes of different calibre, collected in three separate packages (18/20 mm, 23/27 mm and 30 mm) in order to provide the patient with the most suitable dilators for the pathology to be treated and for the anatomy of the individual.



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